A Bedroom Mattress Guide – Which Type Should You Get?


The first step in choosing a mattress is to determine the size of the bed. This is based entirely on how many people are sharing the bed. If 2 or more people are sleeping on the same mattress, you’ll need a queen size bed at the minimum though we personally prefer to go for king or California king size mattresses for the extra length that is given.

Although a twin size mattress is generally built for a single person, it can also be shared by your kids if they’re very young. Plus, these mattresses do not take up much space so they will do just fine. Another thing to worry about is the type of mattress that you’re about to purchase. Not all the mattress types are the same despite how similar they all look like.


For instance, you have the innerspring mattress, which is the most common category available. An innerspring mattress is made out of coils mostly, at its base, as a support structure. The coils’ springy nature allows it to redistribute the weight that’s placed upon the mattress as and when required. This is so that the mattress does not sink in at specific portions where it is being pressed on. Also, most innerspring mattresses come with coils that have been wrapped individually so that they do not interfere with one another or encroach into the operating area of the others. This allow the coils to be much more durable than otherwise.

It is more than likely that you’ve also heard of mattresses that are made out of memory foam. Although memory foam mattresses are called as such, only the upper layer of the mattress is usually made out of memory foam because this material is incredibly expensive (as compared with other types of materials such as ordinary foam, at least). Fear not though, a memory foam mattress is certainly still very affordable. This mattress guide shows the best memory foam mattresses that are not overly expensive. Most people don’t know that memory foam is actually made out of polyurethane, but at a higher density than normal polyfoam. This allows the mattress to respond much more proactively towards the heat and overall body structure of the person sleeping on it, which easily makes it one of the best mattress types around.

The regulation of heat, plus its ability to shape itself according to the curves of the human body, are precisely what makes the memory foam mattress so popular. These days, finding a king size memory foam mattress is easier than looking for older or foreign variations such as the futon mattress.

a-futon-three-quarter-mattressIndeed, the popularity of the memory foam mattress is such that they’re often deemed the best type of mattresses available today. For those who want a highly customizable mattress however, opting for an inflatable mattress (also known as air beds) is a wise option. Inflatable mattresses are easy to move around once the air in it has been removed. This functions in a similar way as a water bed or mattress whereby water will be pumped into the mattress to make it firmer or softer, as and when required. When not in use, the “material” in it can be removed quickly and easily for storage purposes.